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Paxsudos IT

Flexible service

Create package that looks you

Small PC, Big heart

NUC + Paxsudos IT’s customised Linux-installation, InformationBrick.

You can buy the software alone as remote installation or preinstalled to InformaatioBrick.

Now available with part payment option
Paxsudos IT thinks great service is valued treasure. is trusted ICT company. is based at Finland/Oulu we do more than just talk about environment and climate. 's products are compatible with smart IoT-products of Philips. provides Microsoft Office compatible office suite: LibreOffice-suite.
We here at Paxsudos IT want to create impact, how ever small, to climate, so future generations can enjoy envinronment & nature as we do today We neclect environment and climate based decisions for a short sighted gains and take nature for granted.